Platform not updating/test packages not working

So I followed the setup instructions and checked the box to check the nightly build for updates, but when I click “Updates” and “Reload Catalog” nothing shows up. This wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but since my first install, the test packages like bullet and the animation one have errors in the imports (as I’ve seen with some other posts). I tried a few workarounds like I said but so far to no avail. If I missed a big step, a hint would be appreciated. Thanks.

The alpha-4 build had old tests bundled but you should be able to upgrade to nightly, everybody else can… Note you have to update the updater first, then after rebooting you can select the new plugins.

I think after the first time I tried doing the first two netbeans updates, they must not have gone through, because this time I got all of them and my tests all work. Now I can finally move foward, thanks a lot.