Play model animation like scrubbing a timeline?

is it possible play/rev/stop skeletal animations by using the mouse axis?

e.g. lets say I animate “aim_forward_to_Up” “aim_forward” “aim_forward_to_down” in single file, would it be possible to tie animation playback or blending to y-axis mouse movement, so if I move the mouse up aim up starts playing, if I stop moving the mouse the animation pauses at that point and I move the mouse in reverse the animation “rolls back”

Trying to figure out third-person aiming for my game…model setup and whatnot

Yes, but which system are you using? The new or old one?

There are implementations for both in my swing devkit. It binds to a slider. You just need to bind it to your up/down motion.

the old, but I will be moving over when I get a few other things figured out. will check it out

just to be clear though, I want the control animation playback on a model LIKE or SIMILAR to scrubbing a timeline for y-axis aiming for a third-person shooter not make an actual timeline.

You want to be able to set the time of the animation based on the distance of an axis from a position. That’s what the code I referenced does.

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cool thanks just wanted to be sure I was clear