Player Rotation Problem

Hi, I am creating a FPS and have run into a problem with the rotaion of the palyer. If the user pushes the mouse up or down the player will flip over. I have experimented with the .getRotation() method but have not had any luck. If anyone knows a way or has any ideas on how to solve this issue it would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Use lookAt(vec,Vector3f.UNIT_Y);

to get the vec:

vec = camera.getDirection().clone();

vec.y = 0;

And that should make him look around, but not up and down…

that made my guy look at the middle of the map and i couldnt move him with the mouse



vec = camera.getDirection().clone().add(yourPlayer.getWorldTranslation());

vec.y = camera.getLocation().y;

Then it works!

I think he wants to constrain the y rotation to pi, not 0. So he can’t look at things upside down.

@kidneytrader: Yes, I am trying to make it so that i cant look at things upside down. That is exactly what I had thought, but whenever you reach that certain point it tilts your camera angle to a awkward poistion.

[java]if (cam.getDirection().getY() > camYLimit)

cam.lookAtDirection(cam.getDirection().setY(camYLimit), Vector3f.UNIT_Y);

else if (cam.getDirection().getY() < -camYLimit)

cam.lookAtDirection(cam.getDirection().setY(-camYLimit), Vector3f.UNIT_Y);[/java]

Set camYLimit to .9f or greater.

There appears some weird smoothing effect I don’t understand. It takes time for the camera to look at the specified direction so you can go past it and it doesn’t look very nice. Maybe someone can explain how to constrain the view better?

it works, but it makes me look at the ground when i reach that height

I don’t understand what you mean. For me it makes you look less at the ground since you should already be looking more at the ground. The problem is it doesn’t do it instantly so it looks very unprofessional.

what did you set camYLimit to? was it like 0.74?

No, I set it to .9f or greater. The problem you’re saying disappears but this is still not the right way to do it. lookAt does exactly the same thing.

private static final float MIN_ANGLE_X = -85FastMath.DEG_TO_RAD;

private static final float MAX_ANGLE_X = 75

to avoid the camera going from top to ground for no reason. Only rotation on X, cause this problem.