Player sinks into ground

Hey there,

i’ve got a problem with the physics-engine:

if i jump when i go forward i will sink into the ground.

Did anyone know why?

The only thing i’ve changed on my camera is, that my eyes where upper on my body:

[java]Vector3f campos = player.getPhysicsLocation().add(0f,5f,0f);




Not really enough info to go on here; a camera is not going to sink the character.

And did you check the search on the top-right of the forum? There are several posts with solutions to this issue that might match what you are seeing.

make sure your using [java]bulletAppState.getPhysicsSpace().enableDebug(assetManager);[/java] to see the collision shapes, perhaps something is not right

Okay, i’ve enabled the debug mode with this result:

The red bordered area is the area where i’ll sink into ground…! Anyone know why?

the triangles for the floor are too big compared to that object. Try make the object bigger and see if that solves the issue and if it does then increase the number of vertices for your room so that the collision triangles are smaller