Playing animation frame by frame

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to play a single animation of one selected skeleton frame by frame.

I would like to analyze the movement. To do this I will need to pause the animation and, using arrow keys or any other way, iterate through the animation beck and forth.

I was trying to achieve it. I iterated through animation’s tracks and set the time for the selected frame. After that I updated the skeleton world vecotrs.
But unfortunately the position of the bones did not change.

Anyone tried to do such thing before ?

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Well you can go channel.setTime(yourTime); then animControl.update(0.016f)//simulate a frame at around 60fps
Just make sure you’re not in hardware skinning.
A bit hacky but it should work

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Hey @nehon,

thanks for suggestions but unfortunately this did not work :frowning:

Any other solutions ?

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Maybe look into the Cinematic, because I’m pretty sure I already did it . You can go cinematic.setTime(time) and it jumps to that time. You’d just have to jump one second by one second

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What part didn’t work, exactly? For example, I used setTime() once per frame to force my animations to play at the rate that I want… when I want… and it worked just fine.

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OK I solved it :slight_smile:

I simply set the channel’s speed to 0 and then applied the proper time of the animation to it.

Worked like a charm.


Ok, I know I’m resurrecting an old thread, but I need this exact solution.

Could you please post the code, if you still have it?