Playing animation - the mesh doesn't move


I’ve been trying to play an animation from Blender 2.63 in jmonkey but I have not succeeded yet.

If I open my files using OgreMeshy, I can play the animation.

If I load the asset and run the animation from jmonkey, nothing happens.

If I add a skeletonDebugger, I see the skeleton moving but the mesh will not move.

I have the feeling that somehow the mesh is not being linked to the skeleton.

Here are the files, could you kindly give them a check and give me some ideas on how to get this working?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that jME doesn’t support moving skeletons. I think the correct word is Morph, which is moving a bone and effect a vertex or vertices. Try moving one bone up/down, and see if that works.

First of all, object location/rotation/etc keaframe animations don’t work. ShapeKeys too. Use Skeleton only. if you want to move/rotate all object, you can just move/rotate Parent Bone.

Next you need to watch tutorials that show STEP by STEP how to make animation.

blender to jme3 though ogre XML - YouTube

good luck.

@idesisnery: Both the OgreXML and the Blender model load and animate just fine with jME3 nightly.

Thank you guys for your quick answer.

@Momoko Updating solved the issue. Thanks a lot man!