Playing Short Cinematic Videos

Greetings folks! I’ve been messing around with jME3 now for quite some time and I’m making good progress on a game. However, I would love to be able to play cinematic videos in my game to help tell the story.

I’ve done a lot of searching, trying to find if there is a way to do it inside the jME window, but I’m not getting anywhere. So, I guess it’s a pretty simple question - is there a way to play videos (with their audio) with jME3? Thanks a lot!

maybe you could use java multimedia framework. Not sure how well it will work with jme3 though :confused:

Or maybe integrate the classes to play video and audio like what normen said.

Most games these days are moving over to using the graphics engine for cinematics too (except usually the intro video)…have you considered doing that?

JME3 has cinematics supprt…

I do have a lot of “in-game” cinematics that are being rendered by the engine, but there are some that I would really like to have pre-rendered videos for. You (normen) mentioned that there are some classes to play video without audio - could you perhaps link me to them/it? If nothing else, it might inspire some ideas.


Its in the sources, trunk/engine/src/video or smth.

Ah, OK. Thanks. I will go on a little scavenger hunt!

No there isn’t. There is some classes to play video but without audio, also they are not really integrated yet.

I wouldn’t recommend going to those dark corners … First of all the video player is somewhat buggy. Last time I checked there was no sound support at all. In addition, you need to convert your videos to OGG/Theora format for them to play.