Playing video using Simple Media Player make problem in assets manager and I can't load any model after using it

playing video using Simple Media Player make problems in assets manager and I can’t load any model after using that.

I used video player in a separate app state when it done playing a video switch to the next app state (main menu of the game) then when I pressed start button to start a new game and switch to the running game it tries and CPU works hard to load scene but nothing is not working and the main menu app state froze.
I checked it without the video Player App state and working correctly in switching from the main menu to the running game app state.

look at the chart, it seems something tries to load and get more memory but somewhere else cancel it and free memory or clear the cache of the assets manager:

I spent a lot of time but I can’t find where is the problem. please guide me.

Hard to answer without any code. Have you tried running Tests? Does the issue persist?

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yes, I tested it three times and the problem is still there.

He means have you created a bare-bones test application that repeats the behavior your describe. It will allow others to run it and repeat the behavior.

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ok I will make it.

Ok. Still not exactly knowing whats the issue - I see there wasnt a ActionListener removal in IntroStateTest (like codeline 105) which probably took over key inputs. As for other issue I cannot say anything. Especially with assetManager which isnt manipulated in any way. When it comes to RAM, well the lib uses it heavily. GC should hadle it without a problem thou .

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I used the geometry gen method to make an introAppstate, not the app state gen method of the simpleVideoPlayer.

I traced the exact point of freezing the game using Netbeans debugger and I find it froze here when I use simple video Player:

Because your app state locked up the state manager.

Which is code we can’t see, I guess.

So I think the string if 15 centimeters long.

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