Playing With Things

Hello all it’s been a while. I started playing with the engine because I have been focused on creating my game and getting way too frustrated with it so I felt that I needed to make some things that just make me happy. It seems like if you get too fixated on creating something great you start to loose what makes game development and programming fun. anyway here is my little snippet that I created I feel is a better implementation of the Nifty GUI ProgressBar.

I don’t know but this could be grounds for a contribution to the nifty-gui repo What do you Think?

ProgressBar (NiftyControl)

ProgressBarControl (AbstractController/ProgressBar)

ProgressBar (Control XML)

ProgressBar (Style XML)

ProgressBar Implementation (Nifty XML)

ProgressBar (jMonkey Application)

EDIT : I modified the structure of my entire project to allow me to use assets globally for all sub projects.


Nice desktop theme. I used to use that one on Fedora. :wink:


i’m running arch. desktop is kde. theme is ghost legacy.

Yeah, I noticed the Arch logo. I used to use Fedora/KDE. I switched to Mint after I got tired of the amount of fiddling I tended to have to do with Fedora (it’s a very good distro, but Mint tends to “just work” with almost no extra effort needed). Mint doesn’t keep super up-to-date with KDE, so I’ve been using its Cinnamon desktop.

all I need to do is, sudu pacman -Syu

I guess that’s the advantage of a source-build package system. I do like having pre-built packages, but Mint (partially because of its reliance on Ubuntu) doesn’t tend to keep as up-to-date on builds as I’d like (with the exception of a few of the most popular applications).

@void256 might be interested in your work.