Please be caution of COVID-19

Hi guys:
I’m not sure if it is proper to talk about this topic here but I just learned that an NBA star had got infected by covid-19. So I readed some news from CNN WSJ and so on then I decided to tell something about this varus.
1 This is NOT A FLU. The virus attacks lung just because lung is easy to be exposed in the first place, it also infects eye and intestinal. A doctor was infected and his first symptom was eye infection then a flu like symptom. Some other patients got diarrhea.
2 About mask: A mask IS NECESSARY. It is not suppose to provide a 100% protection in a hospital situation you will need med-class masks and suits. A mask can provide protection in a dally life: when someone got infected yet has no symptom they dont cough but still spit tinny water drops when speaking.A mask can absorb big water drops thus reduce the concentration of the virus. Getting infected is all about randomness and concentration. In a real case,one got infected went to a shop,the cashier was fine but a guy next to him was infected. Also, an eye protection is needed, you may not need a big goggles but a fashion glasses will do the trick. Think about gathering and lift car situations.
3 This is SERIOUS!!! I know you are told only very old ones will die in this diseases, Yes , this is a fact but only part of the whole picture! Covid-19 infect all ages from a new born baby to 97 year old granny. Yes , most of young people healed. it is because they received PROPER treatment. With proper treatment and a little bit of lucky even a 97 year old can be healed. Our body will win the battle against any virus but it needs time.
4 There are still lots of unknown DANGEROUS. The virus needs something called ACE2 to infect a human. ACE2 is active in serval organs : lung, cornea, conjunctiva, endothelial cells(intestinal…) and be more active in these three organs: testicle, kidney and heart. Chinese doctors already asked healed patients to monitor their reproduction ability if they want to have a baby.

Guys please protect yourself protect your family. Wish all JME friends be health and happy!

Raymond from beijing


We’re monkeys; we can’t get infected. That only effects humans :rofl:

Yes, thanks, for your concern. We will be careful and strive as much as possible to avoid this virus.

dear, maybe monkeys are free from this virus, not for dogs.
no kidding.
Be serious please, I saw tragedies.


Thanks for your detailed explanation Raymond. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I appreciate all the helps China has done to my country in this hardship (by donating free test kits, masks, …). :heart: