Please can you post a working step by step to convert meshes to JME format and

… a tutorial to obtain materials pre-assigned to mesh?

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    Hi, I tried the tutorial for OGRE to JME unsuccessfully, in fact the JNLP link to "some editor" for converting or reading OGRE models does not work with my JNLP conf.

    What's the way to obtain a binary JME from an OGRE or a 3DS or a OBJ object?

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    Pratically when I made a model in Blender or Wings3D:

    a) I paint faces for materials

    b) then I export the model using the OGREMEsh Exporter from Blender or in WAVE-Front format object from Wings3D.

    Now for OGRE models I am using this code:

       Spatial model = null;
       OgreLoader ogreLoader = null;
       try {
          String s = "/data/model/space-float_01.mesh.xml";
          URL sceneUrl = ResourceLocatorTool.locateResource(ResourceLocatorTool.TYPE_MODEL, s);
          if (sceneUrl==null)
             throw new IllegalStateException("Damn");
           ogreLoader = new OgreLoader();
           OgreEntityNode oen = ogreLoader.loadModel(sceneUrl);
           oen.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());
           model = ogreLoader.loadModel(sceneUrl);//oen.getChild(0);
       } catch (Throwable e) {
       } finally {
           ogreLoader = null;

and analogous code for OBJ import, but the mesh appears every time with the default material on all faces or blocks. What I am wrong?  :mrgreen: