Please Help me to develop Game

:smiley: I'm Student that going to learn "Computer Animation". My teacher assign project about Game.

I decide to use JME Engine  :smiley: for build my game.

Please help me.  :smiley:

  1. Can I show Movie (.avi) in my game.

    I build movieAnimation by 3ds Max. and I want to show it in my title Game.How I make it.

    Thank you Very much

i think playing avi videos in jME is not easy, there was a topic some time ago.

But what you could do, is export your animation as a .3ds file.

Then you can play and render the file in jME.

Have a look at, maybe that is what you want to do.

Thank you!!  :smiley: for answer.

I think for test load modelNode into the game.

I want to show animation(that I can't built by JME) before game start.

Mpeg’s have been done

follow the link

Someone built a cool demo of lots of TV’s