Please help me whit the collision calculation


I am working with JME to develop mi thesis work and I need to explain how the collision calculation is generated in JME,  :expressionless: but in the User Guide chapter 7 it is empty this information about.  :-o Please help me, I really need a little explanation about that, somebody can help me?  :slight_smile: Or somebody can give me some clues about where I can find information, like links or something like that? Please.

Look at the source code? Sorry I'm not much help.

nymon said:

Look at the source code? Sorry I'm not much help.

Do not worry. And I review the code, but actually I am looking a definition, or something more specific. Anyway, thank you very much.  ;)

The model is partitioned into many chunks. Each chunk has it's own bounding volume which is used to check against another chunks' bounding volume. Once a collision between two bounding volumes is found, the triangles inside are compared against each over using tri-tri collision.