Please post any high end grapihcs scene or game made with Jmonkeyengine 3

post any high end grapihcs scene or game made with Jmonkeyengine 3. I want to show people on my youtube channel and on Facebook page !

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Take a look at the IndieDB for the jMonkeyEngine. It has a nice list of games made with the jMonkeyEngine

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thanks people for reply. I will be working on videos soon for JME 3 showcase.


Well, you have Montly topics, just search the forum. there are topics like:

for each Month.

Also recently there was topic like:

Please see this both and more Monthly topics for some high end graphics. (there were some, most are not about graphics, but ideas, but there also were nice graphics sometimes)

Just to let you know, you can make really nice graphic in JME, like Farcry 5, Fallout 4 or other games, but it require developer to be skilled in graphics too, or some big Coorp make game in JME.

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Aaaand there is the OpenKeeper:


I had made the website for this using the grav php framework, but looking at our setup and options, it’s better to use a flat HTML system we can publish on github, so I’ll write it again using instead.

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy with a contract that’s over now. I’ll be doing the website throughout this week.


This is our game qb :slight_smile:


Nice work everyone.

Not sure if this is good enough, but this is also a thing I took part in making:

Download and more info here: AEKI Wares by grizeldi


nice work keep it up please

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