Please suggest me add-ons for my project idea..time is running out

Hi!I am an ECE student…We are three members in our group…we have to submit  a project idea within 48 hours.So far we have  decided to build a software that performs cryptography and sends safe and encrypted messages.Plus the software is able to decrypt similar incoming messages .We will implement all the usual encryption techniques.

This does not seem sufficient for a three member group…i want  it to do more work …to add more functionality to this…

Is it feasible to encrypt mms and multimedia messages.Also if there could be other things that can be implemented here…which you think are doable.Please suggest…Please do it fast and also let me know what preparation will those features require.i mean what kind of resources do we need to study for them…?

Thank you …please help…!! 

Sorry but you are in the wrong forum. This is jME, aka jMonkeyEngine, a java 3d scenegraph engine for desktop computers.

You probably were looking for a J2ME Java Micro Edition forum.

Good luck for your project, and be sure to come back here if you ever need a 3d graphics engine :slight_smile: