Plug-in Project(Eclipse) and SimpleGame(JME)

I built a SimpleGame with JME. Now I want to put the game within a view of the eclipse (plugin).

Is this possible?


Look into Monkey World 3D and Monkylpse.

yep, Monklypse is the way to go:

Yes, Monklypse is the way to go! But I have my simple application that extends SimpleGame, I don't know like I can change the class DemoImplementor to adapt my app. Sorry but I am a little confused.  :?

thank for your help!

You cannot use SimpleGame in an eclipse environment. All your jME code has to be in those implementor classes


I could include all my jME code in those implementor classes.  :slight_smile:

Now, I have a new problem. When I run my eclipse and run my application a eclipse's view is open. All is ok, but if I close the view and run again my application the textures dissapear and the inputs not work.

What is the problem? Some idea…


We once had such a resource problem, but i thought this would have been fixed already. I remember a solution clearing the TextureCache

I fix the problem clearing the TextureCache.

But the inputs are not working. Is possible that exists a similar problem?


Hm, i need more details :wink: