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Hello everyone,

I’ve just discovered the jMP and I believe it might cover my needs. I have interest on writing a plugin to the jMP but I’ll need some help.

The initial goal is to modify the Scene viewer/editor and while looking through the docs in this website I couldn’t find clear examples of doing it. To be honest I’ve tried it but without any success.

I would be glad if anyone could help me.

Any direct contact is preferred: just send me an email

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Here is jMP plugin Dev doc:

If I am not mistaken developing plugin for jMP is somewhat similar to developing plugin for NetBeans Platform. So, jMonkey Doc is not the only place you should look into.

@normen correct me if I am wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, I did try that, but the scene is not been requested, and I don’t know why. The scene viewer changes its name but the further changes I do when the scene is requested, they never happen.

Can you tell me what am I missing?

biasutti said:
Can you tell me what am I missing?

Not without knowing what you did in the first place.. You have to register as a scene listener to be notified of the scene requests. Also be aware they are called from the OpenGL thread!

I don’t know if I got it in the right way, but I just registered the listener and sent the request for the scene inside the constructor of the same class. After linking an action from the toolbar to the instantiation of this class, the scene updated correcty as I wanted.

Thanks for the help! But let me know if there are other principles involved! :slight_smile:

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Read whats written in the wiki, the threading is the most important aspect.

This line should be added to the wiki too :wink: