Plugins for JMonkeyEngine SDK Downloads failing

Plugin-Downloads fail

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask a short question: What has happened to the download-links for plugins etc.? I just wanted to download the Cubes Framework which is accessible through the plugin-section but JMonkey says it can’t get a connection to the plugin-site.
Is this caused by the server-problems you mentioned one or two months ago?
The only plugins I can download at the moment are the ones directly for NetBeans because they’re hosted on different servers. All other plugins were hosted on your JMonkey-Server I guess and can’t be reached.
I tried with three different devices on four different connections so I’m pretty sure the cause is not there.

Thanks for your response!

Sorry for replying so late, I have overlooked that thread.
Yes it’s not your side. Our servers are down but we didn’t port the plugins to 3.1 either.

I started doing that here: Updating SDK Plugins to 3.1 (AI-Plugin) - #3 by Darkchaos
so you can atleast have the AI-Plugin there


When can we expect the plugins-downloads to be up again?

I found myself that many links are still down or outdated. You should download and install plugins manually if you really need them,otherwise try to contact SDK mantainers privately and report the issue.

does anyone have a link to the sdk plugin repository?

There are actually two:

Back in the days we had a dedicated jenkins instance running. The Problem is that some plugins require the sdk to compile against (others which are only add-in-libraries only need the engine). Unfortunately the SDK needs much diskspace and time to build. Since we don’t distribute the buildfiles, every plugin has to rebuild the whole sdk.

Back in the days, each plugin was just a subfolder to the sdk and jenkins called them, but for travis this doesn’t work. For this we have the “meta-plugin/bootstrapper/w.e.” GitHub - MeFisto94/nbproject
You can see the build.gradle file, which downloads netbeans and copies engine libs.

As far as I remember it was only made to build engine-requiring libs like GitHub - MeFisto94/av-capture
There is no documentation and I don’t remember it myself, however the two commits of av-capture show what is required to build a plugin. Especially av-capture/suite_bootstrap.gradle at a074167d2889eacf18d62e9fa197bfde2db8d203 · MeFisto94/av-capture · GitHub

However we still need something like a webserver to easily access these files (because I dislike abusing a github repo)

thank you. my end goal is to be able to build these locally using the app i’m writing so people can use these things. they should have the engine and sdk built already before the plugins are enabled for download in the app, so it “should” be a lot less painful.