Plugins for wordpress

Hi, this isn’t entirely related to my java game development problems, but my friend and I are trying to make a wordpress site similar to this. The forum and theme are very nice, I saw you used the infinity parent theme as the theme. But could you give me a list of plugins you are using? I just want to see how all these features are made in a fully set up site like this.


Honestly, I wouldn’t.

We’ve had nothing but problems and the ability to paste code/xml into the forums in a useful way is still really limited :frowning:

I wouldn’t recommend the Infinity theme any longer. We are moving away from it. Any theme will work with bbPress, and you probably won’t need BuddyPress for your site. You might wanna search around for “WordPress Bootstrap themes”. A lot of developer people seem to find working with Bootstrap themes much more bearable than the more traditional WP themes.

I still have a lot of faith in bbPress. Most of the issues we’ve experienced can not be reproduced on fresh installs, so we’ve definitely got some spring cleaning to do. A very viable and more mature alternative to bbPress however is Vanilla, which comes with very tight WordPress integration.

Thanks, I’ll look into those. Do you use any custom plugins to integrate different plugins, or was it mainly pick and choose plugins, and they integrated nicely?

No custom plugins that you’d need I think. @destroflyer was a great help by making Ratings, Quotes and Unread Posts for us, and he’s made those plugins publicly available. Give him a good review if you use them :wink:

You gotta be careful about WP plugins though. It’s easy to get carried away, hehe. But in reality only a small percentage of the free plugins (and even many of the paid ones) are properly coded. A lot of them will break your site and some make it prone to attacks.