PocketMonkey SDK

PocketMonkey SDK is a early alpha project I’m working on to actually be able to develp games on android devices. The key word is “on” rather than “for.” The reason I’m posting about is in such an early stage is to make sure that I’m not stepping on any toes with the name while it’s still early enough to change it easily if necessary. It does use JMonkey3 and I felt the name would at least show the project’s roots.

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This greatly depends on if and how you intend to monetize this. If you do then the name is really awfully close to our own “jMonkeyEngine SDK” and we might ask you to change the name so it doesn’t sound like endorsement I guess. But at any instance we’d still appreciate a mentioning in the project infos :slight_smile: I’ll let @erlend_sh have the last word on this though.
The content of this post is meant to be read as a straight information or question without an implicit dismissive stance or interest in having the other party feel offended unless there’s emotes that hint otherwise or there’s an increased use of exclamation marks and all-capital words.

The program itself will be ad supported and I am fully willing to say that it is deisgned to be used with JMonkey though isn’t supported by the community in the project infos. I just don’t want to deal with finding and linking to a compiler on the android. While in development, the entire game is run scripted both to avoid the aforementioned compiler issue and to make the code/run cycle as smooth as possible. Compiling on the droid is slow at best. So in the end I will need to write an importer plugin for jmonkey and the final compiliation will be done with it.

If its open source that’s one thing.

If it’s closed source/commercial then using jme to make it is absolutely fine but as already mentioned a name that implies endorsement by JME or being part of the JME brand/family wouldn’t really be a great idea. (Although a mention in appropriate places such as the credits is always appreciated).

Changed. PocketMonkey SDK is now known as Pocket Game Studio


Thanks, and thanks for asking the question as well - it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry, was away for the weekend. Seems this one sorted itself out :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing more about it @DragonEagle !