Poggio - A Programming Game


I figured I ought to finally introduce myself and the JMonkeyEngine project I’ve been working on.

I’ve been working on my Computer Science major project, Poggio, which I intend to be a game where people can play around with programming (the game’s simple language is based on LISP). It’s still pretty rough and I have a lot of work left.

I’ve also been writing the bulk of the game in Clojure (a dialect of LISP for the JVM), which has been an interesting challenge, but for my purposes, there haven’t been any major issues getting JME and Clojure to play nice together.

Without further ado, here’s a video of what Poggio looks like right now & a link to the jar file.


Poggio v0.2.0

Thanks to the developers of JMonkeyEngine and the great community! Posts on these forums have been great help to me while building up Poggio!


wow that’s a really cool idea for a game mechanic! great work!

I can see this being a great educational tool.

that was fun :smiley:
one small complaint - it’s rather difficult to understand what you have to enter into the cannon, or what changes you have to make to achieve something.