Point-Specific Intersection

I need point specific intersection with one ray ( Only one point), but I have no idea if I am doing it correctly. Since this gives me very strange values, which are not correct at all. I think I just dont know what I am doing.

                ArrayList l = new ArrayList();
      Ray ray = new Ray(Draw.getJ().getLocalTranslation(), down);
      d.findTrianglePick(ray, l); // See if ray went through TriMesh, put Triangle # in arraylist?
      Vector3f[] v = new Vector3f[2];
      int y = (((Integer)l.get(0)).intValue());
      d.getTriangle(y, v); // Get Triangle vertices for the triangle y, and put them in vector v?
      Triangle t = new Triangle(v[0],v[1],v[2]);
      Vector3f z = new Vector3f();
      ray.intersectWhere(t, z); // Ask ray if it passed through this triangle, and it returns the exact point?

Is the  intersectWhere method in the CVS?

I've never seen it.

Btw I understood your problem:

I don't think there's a method that returns the exact point of intersection between the ray and the trimesh.  :frowning:

This kind of functionality is in the issue tracker as a todo item.  So never fear.  :)  Currently though you can go the way you are going but I think the issue with your code is that the triangle coords you are passing into intersectsWhere are in local coordinates, not world coordinates.