Pointlight Problem with Blender Mesh


I got a problem again with a blender box - mesh.

I imported the mesh to my scene using jme xml exporter/importer for blender.

The mesh is in original blender size a little bit smaller so i'd rescaled it on xyz by 10.

So here is my problem if I place a pointlight on the mesh and play around a bit with the coordinates from the

pointlight, another mesh (imported md5 mesh) shows correct reflection to the light and all works fine,

but on the box (blender mesh) the light only effects the whole mesh and not only a point or a part of the box.

This problem also occures if I play around with the Lightsize it effects on the md5 mesh but every part of one side from the blender mesh is reflecting the light with the same value, this happens if I'd applied a texture and with no texture on mesh.

So what did I wrong, is there any workaround?

Check your normals on the box mesh in jME. if you are using simple game there is a key binding which turns on normals.

thx 4 fast answer.

I fixed it, it was totally my fault, I didn't subdivide the mesh in blender.

Now all is working fine thx anyway  :slight_smile: