Pointlights at same distance from wall light both sides differently

hello there,

still learning the engine (but having lots of fun, thanks a lot for building this) and im making some tests. my last one is a wall that uses Lightning texture and has 2 pointlights (one at each side) at the same distance, but the wall is lit differently on each side.

with negative X:


with positive X:


the wall is positioned at x = 0.0f and has 0.0f width on the x axis.

lights code:


//light positioned at positive X:

PointLight sl1 = new PointLight();


sl1.setPosition(new Vector3f(40.0f, 4.0f, 40.0f));



//light positioned at negative X:

PointLight sl2 = new PointLight();


sl2.setPosition(new Vector3f(-40.0f, 4.0f, 40.0f));




if i increase the positive x light in radius or intensity it starts showing, so i could just do that. but i need to understand why it isnt working now and the other one is when both are at the same radius and intensity/color.

thanks in advance!

I think something is fishy with your wall. How did you make it?

@pspeed said:
I think something is fishy with your wall. How did you make it?

thanks for the answer.

i cant believe this but the problem was the wall wasnt at the center it was at -2.0f, i centered and it looks fine now.
i use a class to create walls and somehow i missed something as abvious, i was sure it was at the center, wasted so much time..

thanks for the help