Points to Spatial?


I was surprised and exited that there is a game engine on Java, because Java is my favourite not only DiretX & Windows are ok for game development. Thank you.

Until i haven’t sink in the massive documentation, please, answer: is it possible to make a Spatial Object from, for example, “float[][] cor = new float[3][n]”? If so, how can it be done?

As i remember there was smth like that in jME2 (was described in tutorials), but seems it hasn’t been done in 3rd version of engine already and, moreover, programmer had to describe how all vertexes should be connected into triangles. What is interesting for me, are there any algorithms of triangulation were included?

Thank you for all information. Sorry for my so so english.


although I strongly suggest you go through all tutorials as they give you more insight into the engine even if you dont need that specific function, heres a user contributed tutorial on meshes in jME3: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/contribution-depot-jme3/forum/topic/hellomesh-tutorial-jme3/



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Normen, thank you for your answer. I’m happy to know, that same functions have been realized in the 3rd version.

But the question is still actual. I mean, that are there any ways (effective algorithms) to make mashes from points array, without knowing smth like “int [] indexes = {2,0,1,1,3,2};”, or programmer should code such things by himself (which i will try). And if I be successful in this, I surely will read other tutorials. :slight_smile: