Poisonville is discontinued

Hi all,

sadly poisonville is closed: German News

In the article is mentioned, too many technical problems with java occured.

Some of the programmers were active here - perhaps they can telll something about the problems?



If you read the article, only the headline suggests “problems with java”, they apparently couldn’t get the engine done… I was playing shortly and it seemed like the way they transferred world objects was sub-optimal and their general handling of starting the game was really not very nice, I had problems on mac with the native libraries. Add to that they were using jME2 and I don’t know how many of the design problems in jME2 they were able to cope with (OpenGL memory leaking etc.).

As far as I know they where using jme2, wich has some great problems for larger projects

→ no garbagecollection of native objects → overflow at some time

→ no shader based materials → very hard to archive state of the art effects

→ no real workflow → thouseands of partly working importers

→ no real physic, as far as I know at the time they started developing there where not a jbullet binding around

However I would like to hear somethign from the involved developers as well, as I probably missed some things.