Polygon Counts

Hi guys,

I’m not quite ready to announce my project yet, but I will say that I am talking with several artists and modellers, and getting quotes from them for the artwork. Ie I will pay them for the 3d modelling and artwork.

Anyway, I would appreciate it if someone could help me with the approximate polygon counts that I should be aiming for my models.

I’m aiming to have something playable on a wide variety of platforms, ie laptops, gaming PCs and Android. Its the Android part that concerns me, I dont want the models to end up being too high detail for the platform. However, one modeller pointed out that graphics are very important to PC gamers, I might struggle to sell anything if I attempt to use the same models on both PC and Android. And apparently making low poly versions of models is more work than I think.

So I’d appreciate if someone could either give me approximate poly counts, or a way to work them out. The game screen will consist of one terrainquad, and probably a maximum of 50 animated models. Its a turn based strategy game, so there wont be that much going on at one time. I dont think there will be that many animated models on screen at a time.

Also how much extra work is it to produce a high poly model, and scale it down for weaker platforms? Is it difficult? Same thing with textures.

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Anyway, I wanted to add that my target is a framerate of 30 and above on a fairly low spec PC. Maybe even Intel integrated graphics, that is if the drivers work. And likewise for Android.

It very depends and it is really hard to answer. You could make a simple model and give it a very complex shader and you will lag. Best and only right solution for you will be to make your model with rather big amount of polys, test them (on various devices), and if they will show bad results, just optimize poly count in some 3d modeler - you can always make a low-poly model from high-poly rather simply.

Also make use of LoD technique.

And also, take in note that it’s not the poly count that really matters, it’s more object count in the scene that matters.

Yeah, graphics are important for games too, but what make the modern games beautiful isn’t the poly count, but the textures (e.g Normal map).