Pong and my personal physics problem

Hi there …

I just started looking into jme and im having very much fun with it, so i descided to prepare a little speech for a meeting of local gamingenthusiasts at my university. The title wil be "implementing pong in 30 minutes using jme and jmephysics", but im not sure about the 30 minutes now ;()

Here is the code …


It does things it shouldnt.

For example, if i comment out every code in PongHandler.update() the PlayerBoxes just rotate around the floor without a force beeing applied to them. They even drop through the floor (which is a StaticPhysicsObject).

I tried a lot of things, but never got to the source of it :frowning:


A box with ‘center’ other than [0,0,0] is not supported by the physics. Use local translation instead. I added a check to prevent users from having nightly debugging sessions with this :slight_smile: . . .

P.S. Please use smaller code samples next time (then you even have a good chance to find an error yourself) :wink:

A box with 'center' other than [0,0,0] is not supported by the physics

It should be :?

I'l check it out now...


that did the trick :wink: thank u very much…


You might also want to remove my author tags from the source files :o :wink:

hehe…i started from the TestCar.java :wink: