Pool Palace - First prototype (V 0.2.0)


I’m happy to announce the first prototype of Pool Palace (V 0.2.0).

At the moment you can only “fly” around, but shooting is planned in the not to distant future (V 0.3.0).

You can find the project here:


Here you can find V 0.2.0:


I want to thank the developers of jME for this great engine and the developers/community for all their help. Without you I won’t have come this far.


Sunshine Gamestudio

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Great work @Vortex. Nice prototype ;). Just a little tip: Some methods in the “InGameMenuState.java” and “MainMenuState.java” are very identical, so it’s a little estructured. Be free to reuse code. Anyway great work.

Thanks for testing @glaucomardano.

InGameMenuState is not used a.t.m… It’s going to be the AppState for the ingame menu. I think that only niftyGui loading is going to be the same in the future. If the classes are for most part going to be the same, I can derive them from e.g. MenuState.

Thanks for the tip.

Some colleges have problems running the prototype. Are you using a 64 bit or 32 bit JRE ? The prototype is compiled with a 64 bit JDK.

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Vortex said:
Are you using a 64 bit or 32 bit JRE ? The prototype is compiled with a 64 bit JDK.

Oh sorry. I didn't play the game yet, i just checked the source code ;). I use ubuntu 11.04 32 bits.

It does not start here. I have the jMonkey config menu, click Okay, then nothing happens.

There is no log to tell me what’s wrong.

@ozonegrif: Thanks for testing. I’m going to make a 0.2.1 version with logging. I allready found some info in the documentation section.

Hopefully it works with the next version.

You might want to post some screen shots. Not just because we’re curious to see what it looks like without running it :wink: but also because it’s a good way to check that everyone who tries it is seeing what they are supposed to.

ozonegrif said:
It does not start here. I have the jMonkey config menu, click Okay, then nothing happens.
There is no log to tell me what's wrong.

I got the same behaviour in a win 7 32 bits.

@pspeed: I will post a screenshot with the next version. :slight_smile:

@glaucomardano: Thanks for testing. I’m going to make a next version with logging.

@ozonegrif & @glaucomardano: Have you unzipped the zip-file ? After pressing “Ok” in the JMonkey menu 2 dll’s (lwjgl.dll + OpenAL32.dll) should be placed in the directory of the application. I think when application is still zipped, it can’t place the dll’s.

I extracted the compressed file and executed the .jar file. Then the jme splash screen was opened and i clicked on OK and it didn’t work. I tested with all configurations. Later i will copy the dll’s to the app directory as you said. Did you generate your executable with the jmp’s executable creation plugin?

The dll’s should be extracted from the application jar. There should no be no need to download them seperately.

The executable is generated with a standard build (not the executable creation plugin).

This is what I found about the standard deployment:

jMonkeyEngine SDK: Application Deployment :: jMonkeyEngine Docs

Zipping the dist-dir should be enough.

Maybe it’s better to create a version with logging first. It’s very hard to find what’s goes wrong now. It looks like there goes something wrong with extracting the dll’s, but I’m not sure.

Instead creating the .jar file by building the project try to create a desktop executable in jmp : https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/sdk:application_deployment#desktop_executables

I’ve uploaded the desktop executables to the project page:

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@Vortex I have 3 questions,

  1. What is the viewport in ChangeStateTask for? If for later use, then what it will be used for?
  2. Why do you need to call room.updateGeometricState(); after setting its local translation?
  3. Do you have to use “ScreenController” in the same way you used in this project, if you dont use XML based gui(if you use java to build the gui)?


  1. The viewport is currently not used. It’s from some sample code. It’s probally going to be removed in the future.
  2. It looks like it’s not needed from the java doc, but I’m not sure. Should I remove this call ?
  3. The project is using a XML based GUI. It’s in the Project Assets folder (Project Assets->Interface). The ScreenController is used for callbacks from the XML GUI. Is this what you mean ?

    I must admit that I’m still learning this engine, so thanks for the tips.