Portal for jmonkey based games

Hi guys!

Thinking about to create a portal for hosting jmonkeyengine based games.

Yesterday i tryed to search one… but cannot found.

Do you know any portal that host jmonkey games?

I already started a Java based web-hosting and i like jmonkey (used by myself too) very much. I like the idea that maybe i can give something for this great community!

Question is: Do you guys like this? Do you want to upload games for maybe to see how many players like your games, and (if the portal works) get some money with ad-revenue sharing?

Thanks for reading! Please share you opinion!

yes it will definitely be useful, since kongregate accepts mostly flash games.

Just thinking about the technical details…

How about Java Web Start? When i finished a game with jmonkey i used java web start to show the game one of my friends. It worked well but i think it doesen’t matter because just 2 or 3 users used it.

BTW i have many ideas for the web page. For example users can customize the view. If you interested let’s say action games more than RPG games you can put a box-like module when you saw only action games. Registered users can do more things ofc…

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I don’t think this is feasible, yet. jME3 hasn’t even gone stable yet, so pretty much every game made with it thus far is either a proof of concept or WIP. Also, Java Web Start isn’t very suitable for in-browser play; the Chrome web browser still just downloads jnlp files. Chrome is just as popular as Firefox these days. You don’t want to miss out on that chunk of users.

For alternative portals, I have two recommendations at the top of my head:

1 - I can not recommend IndieDB.com enough. Anyone who finishes a jME-powered game ought to make themselves an entry on indiedb and select jMonkeyEngine as your game engine. This will make for a very nice overview of jME games on one of the most frequently visited game portals on the web.

2 - GameJolt. They support Java Applet games.

Hope I don’t come off sounding too negative. I think there’s merit to your idea (Unity 3D has got Wooglie for instance), I just don’t think this is the right time. If you’ve got some web development chops, as in not using Java but regular HTML & CSS, we could still use your help. There’s plenty of room for improvement on this site :wink:

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I thought that i just don’t know all of possibilities…

So there are solutilons for this.

But this portal could be a dedicated site for jmonkey apps,games.

Unfortunately i didn’t know about the Chrome and Web-Start problem. Hope this will be fixed!

BTW if applets run fine on Chrome it can be solved more-or-less.

What about this site? ^^ People can have their projects listed easily.

My idea was a portal where actually you can run this apps

Something like kongregate.com

Yeah, adding a plugin for webstart or applets here should not be problematic.

Sounds like good!

At least having a place to start where people can download jme games would be great. And it could help steer development and spur some cool/useful contributions.

A portal only for these games doesn’t encounter the idea that Normen said.

Would be nice to see how many people like the idea to start a dedicated portal for this?

And can i “collect” enought game for start the portal?

Hehe, while I like the idea, I myself would probably not be able to use it… a 20gb (and counting) game would probably blow that XD

20gb yeah it’s so BIG

probably you get a VIP account for that :wink: