Porting to jme3 from jme2

Does it have info, a guide or something on the key difference between jme3 and jme2

looking for Strategy game solutions for jme3, I stumbled upon this https://code.google.com/p/jmeaddons/downloads/list ,not jme3 sadly, but the Strategy part, the only thing I looked at works well, after the initial pain of get this old code setup

seems a fairly complete handler solution and isn’t too tightly coupled with jme2 so that’s a plus…but I am still going to have to make changes to be compatible with the renderer and input systems and few other bits

I imagine there would be a transition docs or link buried some where, any help would be appreciated

Not really, best go through the jME3 tutorials and see how things are done now. And most importantly, DO NOT call updateGeometricState() in jME3 - its not needed and only causes headaches.

ok cool thanks will do…can I post back if I have more questions


a question…cursor management, JmeCursor seems to be what need but then there’s the software mouse test…two good approaches to the same question or is one preferred to the other…yeah gonna ask a few of those stupid kinda questions

What is the question exactly?

is there a best approach between the two.

Well JmeCursor is a hardware cursor so its probably better performance wise. By making a software cursor you have more options though.

ok cool thanks