"Poser Debut" for 20$ on the AppStore

For all mac users, “Poser Debut” is available for 20$ on the AppStore at the moment. If you want to upgrade to Poser Pro/9 later you can save at least 50$ with this. And with 2.5GB content for models, clothes and props I guess thats something every game dev can use for that price :wink:

Heres the feature comparison, most material stuffs isn’t really relevant for most games yet anyway: http://poser.smithmicro.com/ComparePoserSoftware.pdf


Heh, I just now got an email from SmithMicro offer for Poser Pro 2012 (450€). Because I got this Debut version mentioned above I now can buy Pro for 149$ :smiley: This means I now got a 450$ software for 170$ :wink: (This is not the “normal” upgrade path)

On another note http://www.makehuman.org is making great advances! I played around a bit with it and there seems to be ways to get the models into jME via blender in a relatively uncomplicated way, using blenders makehuman support for posing and animations. If somebody wants to look into consolidating an asset workflow for that, we’d like to support makehuman as a first class citizen in the SDK and jme.