Possible to have nice textures in ProceduralTextureGenerator?

//  Create an object to generate textured terrain from the image based height map.

        ProceduralTextureGenerator pg=new ProceduralTextureGenerator(ib);

        //  Look like water from height 0-60 with the strongest "water look" at 30

        pg.addTexture(new ImageIcon(waterImage),0,30,60);

        //  Look like dirt from height 40-120 with the strongest "dirt look" at 80

        pg.addTexture(new ImageIcon(dirtImage),40,80,180);

        //  Look like highest (pure white) from height 110-256 with the strongest "white look" at 130

        pg.addTexture(new ImageIcon(highest),160,220,300);

… Apparently, what if I want to be able to draw those 3 textures without having to rely on the detail of the Detail.jpg texture?

ImageIcon I guess totailly deters the quality of the images, and basically make them a pixellated colored mess!

So, how can I draw these 3 texture with their utmost 512x512 quality without relying on the detail textures.

Because I want to be able to have rock mixed with sand etc.

"texture splatting"


link dont work