Possiblities: of this

Hey guys,

i have a game that is not quite 3d but is 2.5d and was looking to recreate something similar is this possible in this engine take alook at the video of ingame footage.


And some images:




Of course it is. Do you need any help on any aspect though?

Yerh, well the game it self is dead now, however the terrain(maps) are in .map format and use .tiles from a data client to work would i need to code something in the engine for this to read them

Also the character body is in a sequence in a .data file so it runs abit like a flip book.

i make the game with isometric perspective like here you have.

its possible here, but i afraid it will be hard to use your old Data :frowning:

you would need create tile system too.

Well i have a java certificate however never looked at game programming before, so will be interesting to see how fast i pick it up however i am going to be looking for someone to teach me and help me piece the basics of the game together of course i will pay them but need to find the right person.

About paying people:


i think you don’t need a teacher :wink: but it is a way.

you just need JME docs(on this webpage or in SDK) and SDK Tests project to look at examples(SDK → new project → JME → JME Tests)

also you need to know how JME works. Its OpenGL based, so it is fast. not like old Java3D or other old stuff.

more precise it’s based on Lwjogl.

so you will need to read all tutorials and docs like SceneGraph / Physics / Entities / States / Etc.

There are many things to know.

But OFC, everyone start from simple projects :slight_smile:

edit: but for a start kick, true, teacher would be good.