Post your games here:D

I just finished writing my first game in Jme and I am quite pleased with the results… :slight_smile: I used blender to create the land and the car as well as the cactus and rocks. I then used  ogre xml exporter to export the models from blender to Jme and used Jme's ogre importer to load the models into the game. I used Jme car Physics for the car and tweaked a few things to make the game run faster. The Game runs on average at 150fps and uses Jme's water effect with reflections. All made using the above completely free software.

Its available to download at,

Its pretty fun so far. But i flipped over pretty often when i made a fast turn :slight_smile:

Maybe you could try to add some sound effects, or particle effects like dust or when you crash into something.

Also an objective would be nice, create a Track which needs to be beaten in a specific time frame or something.

Then you should display somewhere what keys do what.

Odd, for some reason the download speed from googlecode is extremely slow right now :frowning:

anyways, I would recommend making a small gameplay video and put it on youtube with a link here. Then it'll be easier for visitors here to know what they'll be spending a couple minutes of their time to play test and I would be able to associate your game with JME on youtube :slight_smile:

I would also recommend that you use a more descriptive title for your thread, as well as your tags. There's nothing unique whatsoever about any of the tags you've currently added ^^

What is the actual (even if tentative) name of your game? rockofv (as on googlecode), rachofv (as in picture) or is it short for something? I would suggest using that for your title, and stuff like 'car game', 'car physics' and 'off road' for your tags.

Cheers for the input guys.:smiley: As I said on my blog its my first game and im still learning how things should be done.

The videos a nice idea. As for the gameplay I have a checkpoint race implementation on its way. I also decided to update the download with a slightly smaller file and the game now displays the key controls which will be up soon.

Im learner too :slight_smile:

I don't know that how to make my game level. I've tried MonkeyWorld3d, but i couldn't work with MW3d :frowning:

So How to make Game levels like bolidz, jadestone's island etc?

I made the level in blender and exported it as a mesh. I had to split the island into sections to keep the mesh count down.

bdw how did you get the physics to work so well with terrain generator. I got a low fps when I used the terrain gen

Very nice work, especially the 180