Posting- and Checkin-Policy

What is the genral check-/posting-policy we want to have?

It goes without saying that we discuss important changes to jME before changing something.

But when I have made minor changes which should not affect developers / only fix bugs / do not break anything - should I still post here before checking in, each time?

E.g. I have extracted a superclass of StandardGameState to work with the default camera (not creating an own one), named StandardGameStateDefaultCamera. StandardGameState still works as before, but one is able now to subclass StandardGameStateDefaultCamera instead, to use a custom camera. - should I simply report such a thing in the public boards? only here? or always before changing it in CVS?

We tend to be pretty lenient for checking in items. Make sure it works, it's an improvement, and won't affect anything else and you can drop it in whenever. If it's going to replace something, change an interface, etc, discuss it.

After checking in anything, give a post (in the public forum) that it's been done, so people will know to go ahead and update if they want the fix.

And don't forget you can subscribe to the CVS check-in mailinglist at, so you know what others are working on.

sure - subscribed since I started using jme  :slight_smile: