@sbook turned a screenshot of my current game coding obsession into such a nice preview image I thought I share it here :wink: Totally WIP but will probably throw off some example code for y’all.

I recently rediscovered my Amiga500 emulator and with it PowerMonger and even found someone who started a clone in Ogre3d but I thought having it done in jME3 would be cooler :wink:




I only wish Don LaFontaine was still alive so that I could have him narrate this :smiley:

nice game :slight_smile: this only reinforces my theory that bullfrog kicked ass :stuck_out_tongue:

(looking foward to playing your remake normen ^.^)

those guys in the background look like they have monkey suits on, all they need is a tail :slight_smile:

true xD… any1 remember these? ^^

… what the hell are those?

A “Monchichi”, idk if it was european/asian only… ^^ And it was when I was waaaay young… So I think like when the roman empire was divided or smth ^^

They are therapeutic doll used to help with adult onset bed wetting issues, or so I’ve been told…

NOW I remember xD

Oh hell yeah, I remember the Monchichi! I totally had one of those–

@thetoucher said:
They are therapeutic doll used to help with adult onset bed wetting issues, or so I've been told...

... say what?

This is how I edit the levels at the moment:


I have a set of j3o files (“Markers” folder) that only contain pre made Nodes with UserData that I then “Add to SceneComposer” after selecting the “Markers” Node and right-clicking on the terrain where I want it. This way I place these markers that the game later uses to place villages and people etc.:

You use the SDK? What a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Really though, looks great!

@normen said:
true xD.. any1 remember these? ^^

I cannot see one or hear the word without the song running through my head. Oh so soft and cuddly...

Why should I be stingy:

I love you Monchichi.. :brainsout:
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