Premade terrain+texture

What would be the easiest way to put prepainted textures on a heightmap (like most RPGs do, where the heightmap is already built and textured before you enter the area)?

I looked and didn't find anything remotely close to this function in jME, I assumed I would have to do it via a db of textures and apply each texture individually to each unit of the terrainblock, but I was hoping there would be a simpler way.

If I have to do it manually, would I actually be able to place a single texture on a single part of a terrainblock [madeupmethod]setTextureAtPoint(texture, x, y)[/madeupmethod]?  Or would I have to hand-build a level using quads :frowning:

I wondered this when I saw the Spirits screenshots, it seems they built their world through a seperate app and somehow converted it to a textured heightmap in jME.

It's called Texture Splatting, you have a number of detail textures and a number of alpha textures.

The alpha texture denotes how much a certain point on the terrain contains a detail texture, which is essentially what you want with your example setTextureAtPoint method.