Presentation about jME

Hi there,

in about a month i

Use the jmeTests.

This way you can show the Code and what it does in Realtime.

Cloth, Water, Shadow, Shaders. They all have test snippets here. Should be a good starting point, I think. You could change some settings to show the different effects, and how easy it is with the JME and so on.

Sounds like an interesting convention, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, this is primarily about what Java is capable of, so you do not have to restrict yourself to a single branch or derivative of jME if that would help your cause?

How soon do you need said eye candy? The jME3 developers are working on some demos/prototypes to showcase more features of the new technology at hand. Within two weeks time there could be a couple new demos around.

Ouch 75 minutes is a lot of time to fill up with no base to work from. Don't envy you that  :-o

Maybe if you had some outline of things you're going to talk about, that would help in getting good material together.

wow, i didn

Already had a look here? A presentation of jME at javaone by the former developers renanse and mrcoder:

the java one interview is also on youtube

I just remembered and should’ve mentioned this way earlier, but we’ve also got the new screenshots sections up…  See here for jME2 and here for jME3 :slight_smile:

that looks really good :slight_smile:

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