Presentation: Design out od the box!

A very interesting presentation:

Excellent presentation, thanks for the share :slight_smile: This guy could seriously be a stand-up comedian; I've never seen a presenter like this before. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 20 minutes, especially the pocket theory and need for more psychological brainstormings.

The last big 'future scenario' hit a sore spot because I greatly oppose most 'points' of any kind, Live Achievements in particular. Hence my reluctance to jump on that last boat trip, but no doubt it is as likely a future as any other. I for one though will be set on the path to a whole different future. If what he described is what I should be modeling my game designs after in 10 years, I'll move off to the mountains and become a hermit. With lots of goats.

I agree, it was a very interesting and entertaining presentation for sure!

The future society he was painting is not the kind of future I'd like to be a part of either though, so count me out on that too (although I think we'd be quite a few "hermits", so I don't think anyone would actually need to be one)!

The "future society" sounds big brotherish heh, count me out too I guess.

Would make things kinda easy to control people, not to mention…making everything into a game kinda dumbs down things. Like bribing you to brush your teeth? Just a bit freaky. Especially the part about "forcing you to be a better person", nothing's wrong with people being better, but its almost like behavioral control and in a way reducing freedoms ("someone's always watching").

Don't get me wrong - I believe in capitalism and love it, but heh I don't think I'll be wearing e-ink adsense tattoos anytime soon. That's a bit extreme.