Prince Of Blades

Prince Of Blades

Game and Level editor:

Not ready yet, but thought to put it online. Released under GPLv3 - all help, corrections, suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Both the game and level editor are deployed using Java WebStart for testing purposes, but there seems to be some problems, so there isn't links to them on the page currently.

Thanks for posting this!

I'm looking forward to checking it out, especially the level editor. We're creating a level editor for our game Matics, and appreciate all the advice we can get. :slight_smile:

Very interesting.  I hope to play this sometime soon. :slight_smile:

Cool! Looks interesting.

Also seems that with your level editor and game approach you can get a nice quality while keeping a pretty fast level editing speed.

Congratulations. I'd like to play it, mainly because PoP was fantastic and this PoB resembles it to me :P.

(BTW, do you think you could share that palm tree model?).

Palm tree model (and barrel and simplebox models too) are from Reiner Prokein

Palm tree can be found at

When editing levels, nodes can be selected from 3D view by clicking them with left mouse button. When node is selected it turns from white into yellow. When node is selected like this from the 3D view (not from tree view) the selection can be moved with arrow, page up and page down keys (up moves into screen, down moves out from screen, left moves left, right moves right, page up moves up and page down moves down). So, selecting first one node from the 3D view with left mouse click and after that moving the selection with keyboard and adding entities with mouse by clicking the buttons at the left side panel (below the tree view) is probably the fastest way of editing the level, especially if adding large areas of grounds or other entities. (Selecting nodes from the tree view and using context- or main menu is quite slow). Scrolling the mouse wheel moves camera in/out from the screen. Holding mouse wheel down and moving mouse drags the level around (left/right/up/down).

In the game arrow keys move the player and space makes him jump. When climbing ladders, up moves him up and down moves him down, space makes him jump of the ladder. Player movement isn't quite right at the moment, and for some reason the physics of jumping before first game over are wrong: there is too much power behind the jump (or something else is wrong) and the player drops off the level. After game over jumping seems to work as intended. And it is too difficult to grab the ladder currently.

That looks cool! i cant wait when i can test it :stuck_out_tongue: