Printing to JTextPane instead?

I noticed that whenever I run a program using a JME Canvas with a SimpleCanvasImpl, it prints a bunch of red text to the console (I'm using Eclipse).

Is there anyway to print that text to a JTextPane instead?

In older versions of JME this text was created by some classes belonging to the com.jme.util.LoggingSystem.

So if you are using jme1 you have to have a look onto them.

At least since jme2 the whole output (and all of your’s should as well) is handled by the default Java Logger which can be found in the package java.util.logging.Logger.

More information about this can be found Here

The Output is normally handled by an OutputHandler.

A quick search showed up this result (a simple Test) on how to write logging information to a JFrame.

hope this helps