Private Methods/Variables in InputManager

Howdy Gents!

We are trying to implement modifier keys for a game my team and I are working on, and have run into a dilemma! See, we're trying to differentiate between key and key + shift and key + shift + ctrl, and whatnot. We're extending InputManager to provide the new functionality right now to test it out, but we ran into a problem with being unable to extend the class because most of the variables and methods are private.

So! I was wondering 2 things:

  1. Is there a particular design reason why these are marked private instead of protected other than just "People shouldn't be calling these methods outside this class."

  2. Is there sufficient interest in this functionality to warrant sponsorship to a patch for InputManager? This is our first request to commit to jme3, so it will need core dev approval and whatnot. I'll work it up and post it if there is.


No, we can make them protected, no problem. Just post a patch file in code tags here and we will commit it.