Problem about camNode

My class extends SimpleGame and


CameraNode camNode = new CameraNode("camNode",cam);

from this code i think that object2 is attach on CameraNode and move follow camera.
but when i run it, both object1 and 2 is attach on Camera (Maybe cannot move)

i want to make object1 as game's scene and object2 as game's menu. What should i set to do this? thx very much.

Quad a

I may be wrong but if you are using Keyboardlookhandler, then it translates the cam, you want to translate the camnode.

looking at Keyboardlookhandler the actions defined like addAction( new KeyForwardAction( cam, moveSpeed ), "forward", true );

therefore - create youre own keyBoardHandler which is constructed with a camNode

–> i havent tested or tried, but that would be my first step