Problem cloning the new git repository :(

Hey everyone,

I am having problems with cloning the new git repository.

I keep gettind this error: not found: not found

The clone uri I use is:

This happens on both windows and ubuntu.
I was able to clone it once on my PC at home, but later I came accross this problem.

I searched over the net for solution but found nothing that could help me.

Did anyone have similiar problems ??

Some people had issues with a slow connection to GitHub, maybe yours is even worse?

you could

create a empty git repostory
dump the as zip download in it
properly wire the origin ect, and then update.

It took 4 hours for me to clone the entire repo…
But that was just slow…

Have you tried the alternate protocols?
you have an SSH option that gives you a git:// url.

For me cloning worked perfect btw, could do it in a few minutes.
So might be related to the time of the day?

You guys where it is slow could do a tracepath / tracert to github and see if you pass the same network. Might be that the connection in that backbone is limiting.

At least from my university it looks like it is routed over japan, resulting in a 100ms ping.
At home it seems to be routed the other way around the world with a <40 ping.

OK I think I know what is wrong.
It is the eclipse git client that does not support https. At least I found this info somewhere on the net.
I did not have problems when I cloned using the http protocol.

So the solution is to use the command line to clone the repository and then add local repository in eclipse.
Iguess that later I will need to define an update as an external command in eclipse.

Hope that the guys who make the eclipse git plugin will improve it in the future.