Problem closing and then re-opening a new display

Hi all,

I've got a standard Java program which then opens a JME BaseSimpleGame to show all the 3D, and this works fine.  However, if I then close this window, and the Java program then creates a new instance of the BaseSimpleGame, either nothing is drawn or I get an "out of memory" error.  Is there anything I should be doing when closing the original window?  I'm already setting "finished = true", so the BaseSimpleGame is doing all the cleanup etc…

Thanks in advance,


Jme2 ? If yes, jme does not properly clean up all native stuff, use jme3 instead

Alternativly higher the amount of memory available, -Xmx1024m as a start parameter.

Yeah, JME2.  I'll give JME3 a ago (assuming it won't take much modification of my program to use it).

Thanks for your help!