Problem getting started with Eclipse and jMonkey


I'm brand new to jMonkey (and to Eclipse). I followed the guide setting_up_eclipse_to_build_jme and everything went fine except for one thing. In the section Adding Documentation to the JARs there is a subsection called Viewing Documentation in JARs and I have no idea what I am supposed to do here. It says: "For each JAR, try to view a the class file". Can anybody tell me what this means, and what I am supposed to do?

Thanks in advance,

Per Rasmussen.

if you want to show up javadoc and class-source you need this.

checkout the jmonkey sources from and set the projectdepends in classpath.

forget the documentation-linking for jars :wink:

Ok, but how do I "set the projectdepends in classpath"? As I said, I'm brand new to both jMonkey and Eclipse.

ups :slight_smile:

  1. right click on your project --> select properties (in the button)
  2. select Java Build Path --> go into the TAB "Projects"
  3. click on Add and choose JMonkeEngine project
  4. click OK.

    Tip of the Day:

    If you'r total newbie in Eclipse then read the Eclipse-Help first. If your ready in setting up a Java-project you can start work with it. :slight_smile: