Problem importing material from Blender


I'm trying to import some 3D models made in blender to jmonkey but i have some problems.

First problem, the SetSmooth propertie that i use in blender don

Blender has a very different material engine that is supposed for (offline)rendering pictures at high quality. Some of the features should not be used for game models etc. that have to be computed live. Consequently, some material properties are simply ignored on import. The OgreXML exporter (which is intended for games) has hints about what material features get exported. (Still no guarantee that they get imported but the Ogre importer imports most material features that OgreXML supports)

I believe you have to enter edit mode (Tab) select all verticies (A) and then click SetSmooth mode (e.g apply it to all normals), otherwise it sets it on the object which is ignored.

For the smooth problem i think you have to apply a ShadeState and set it to Smooth.

I was having the same problem, but found this answer here:

basically, you want to deselect "high quality normals" and select "normals" (in addition to hitting "Set Smooth"). This worked for me using Blender 2.5-Alpha2