Problem in animation when converting from ogreMax to j3o format

I have an animated car model in 3dsmax format. I was able to export successfully to ogreMax format then I converted it to the the j3o optimized format. The problem is when I use the j3o the model is animated in a wrong way but if I use the ogreMax model (.mesh.xml) the animation will be displayed correctly. Any help please? Thanks in advance.

Is this using RC2? Can you provide the mesh.xml model?

Yes, I tried that using RC2.

here is a link for the models.

As I told you before. It works fine when using the mesh.xml file but when converting to the j3o it will give a strange animation.

Thank you

The model animates incorrectly in the SDK as well. Do you mean that the animation looks fine in 3dsmax?

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The animation looks fine in the 3dsmax. Also in the SDK, if I import the “.mesh.xml” model it animates correctly. But, if I import the generated “.j3o” model it animates incorrectly.

I wonder if that means an error in the model or an error in converting from ogreMax to j3o

Hmm, you’re right. It seems that the serialization of models has a bug … I’ll look into it.