Problem in texture atlas and exporting to Ogrexml format in blender 2.79 [solved]

I exported a 3d model from blender 2.79 and using ogrexml import/export plugin. but the texture will crash and UV map not working in that format. I made the model by four parts head-body-hands-shoes and they have 4 material and 4 textures, so I made a texture atlas for it and join them in a mesh to More optimization. I think removing other UV maps has a problem because when I check the model.mesh.xml in a note editor and every vertex has 3 texture coordinate tags and I compared it with a normal correct model that looks good in the blender and in ogrexml format, it has one texcoord tag inside of vertex tag. 1-what are texcoord tags? are they using for UV maps in ogrexml format? 2-how can I clear blend files from other unused uvMaps to avoid exporting them with the model?

in ogreXml exporting I have to remove other uv maps from data tab of blender to fix the problem.

here is what I do for the xbuf and works but in ogrexml export it need one more step to show textures and correct uv mapping and that is what I explained above…